Dig Into the Root Causes of Your Health Problems

See how you respond with Nutrition Response Testing® in Binghamton, NY

Are you struggling with a certain nutrient deficiency? Does it feel like your body can't keep up with your daily life? Through Nutrition Response Testing® with Care More Health and Wellness, you may find a way to improve your life. Nutrition Response Testing is a safe, natural and non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill health.

We analyze and assess your body's current health status to design a personalized health improvement program. During your initial visit, we'll collect data on your body, your diet and what you struggle with. Then, we'll create a nutrition plan for you to follow. The analysis is done by testing the body's neurological reflexes. Over the course of three months, we'll follow up with you to tailor your plan to benefit your body best.

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