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Endless testing without any answers will wear anyone down. If you continually struggle with your health without any improvement, consider looking to a different source for help. Care More Health and Wellness is a holistic health center located in Binghamton, NY. We work closely with clients to find the root cause of their illness and provide them with a personalized nutrition plan to help them achieve optimal health. After an initial assessment, we'll provide you with the holistic health services you need, whether it's a nutrition test or earth grounding.

Call 607-222-1411 now to reach out to our holistic health center. We offer discounts on foot baths and supplements for clients attending our classes.

How we can help you

If you want to feel better in your daily life, a holistic solution may be what you need. At holistic health center, we:

Offer holistic services without labs or uncomfortable testing

Work with our clients to find the root cause of their struggles

Provide alternative treatments like ionic foot baths and Nutrition Response Testing®

With our guiding hand, you can start to improve the way you feel. Contact our holistic holistic health center today to make your first appointment.

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

Nutrition Response Testing® is a process in which we alter a person's diet to see if it improves their health or alleviates any specific conditions they are dealing with. We'll begin with a thorough assessment of your health and discuss your goals for how you'd like to feel. Then, we'll create a nutritional plan that may include dietary changes, supplements and natural remedies.

Over the course of your plan, we'll monitor how your body responds and make adjustments as needed. Want to learn more about how Nutrition Response Testing® could help you? Speak with one of our experts today.

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